Blood, Blood, dead!

Are you interested in learning more about living things, or perhaps beginning to train for a career in the healthcare or medical professions? How will you know unless you try it?

That is what our Innovation studio learners are doing this session at Acton Academy Kingwood. We are in the 2nd of 3 Biology Medical Quests. The Eagles are exposed to challenges and games concerning the human body and treating a patient just like a real doctor. There is a lot that goes into studying, taking notes, and playing games in order to learn about the human body’s systems.

Today’s game was to mix the right blood types and administer a blood transfusion to save someone’s life. Thank goodness all the patients were not real, just animated people on the computer because we had several casualties.

The icing on the cake was seeing the Eagles learn something, then turn to help someone else to understand it. There were tip-sharing and memorization hacks galore! That is the way science should be. Sharing the findings and helping science and scientists to progress.

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