Embracing Life

It was a perfect week to celebrate another year of life as we explore what it means to Embrace Life and Face Death this session!
Are you embracing life?

Many of the topics this Session are not light-hearted and require reverence and respect. These youth are facing hard questions that most adults don’t want to deal with. But it is something that we all must face. Death is one of the few, if not the only, certainty.
This past week, these learners were challenged to find someone their own age in the United States, who recently passed away, place their name on a star and on our Embracing Life poster, and then explain how they Embraced Life. They were then asked to answer questions like the following:
  • “Did they embrace life? How?” 
  • “Were they a good person? How do you know?” 
  • “Who did they love and who loved them?”
One Eagle shared an epitaph she chose for someone that had recently passed away: "Heroism is endurance for one moment more"-George F. Kennan
Some learners took this a step further and researched their ancestors' lives.
What a great way to learn about embracing life!

A concluding thought to ponder:
Will you be happier knowing that you committed to and maintained meaningful relationships with those close to you? Or are you happier knowing you accomplished feats that improved the planet, others, or yourself?

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