“Hello, I am your Doctor today.”

Being a Physician:
Our Acton Eagles tackled the Biology Medical Quest, where they worked as both a researcher and a practicing physician, diagnosing real cases. 

Within this quest, they worked as part of a team constructing a video, drawing, or modeling one of the systems of the human body. 
Finally, they assumed the role of Gregory House, MD, a famous diagnostician TV character, modeled after Sherlock Holmes. With this character in mind, they worked as a team of doctors to query our wonderful volunteer “patients” and diagnose their cases...even when there was a mock hurricane and they had no electricity!
Writing & Delivering a Medical Funding Pitch:
These Eagles also took on the task of a medical researcher, in which they researched, wrote, and presented a speech asking for more funding to cure a particular disease of their choice.
Their big question: What disease continues to cause great suffering in the world, and what message do you need to convey in order to raise money for researching a cure?
Congratulations to our winners! And a heartier congratulations to those who grabbed this opportunity to learn what they can do to improve for next time!

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