Is Evolution the Ultimate Scientific Authority?

Each week of the Biology Quest, Eagles were exposed to challenges and games concerning a different part of Biology, from the tiniest of organisms to systems that affect our entire planet, and from the dawn of time to the latest scientific breakthroughs.

They engaged in researching and exploring the lives of Biology Heroes and the process of discovery and paradigm shifts.
At the Exhibition: Eagles created one or more interactive experiments or displays representing different areas of biology: cell, plant, animal, human, or Biosphere (their choice). In addition to competing for the most engaging scientific experiment, display teams showcased Biology knowledge in a Biology Jeopard-bee. 
2 were voted to read their Best-in-Studio Biology Hero Biographies they researched and wrote.
Lessons Learned in the words of the Eagles:
  • “There are a lot more things to learn than I thought. Also, that so many things have not been discovered!”
  • “Animals are a LOT cooler than I thought they were. There are so many different types of animals, like the poison dart frog! Even they have hundreds of different types of dart frogs like the Patricia tinctoruius and the dendrobates auratus super blue! It is so cool!”
  • “Something I’d do differently next time is have my partner do more work, also make the display beforehand because it is way more helpful that way”
  • “Next time, I will work harder and…….. be more prepared, because I think I was not working my hardest.”
  • “One thing that I will do for the next Quest is I will start on everything early, so that way I can get more out of it, and so that way I can have time to make mistakes.”
  • “I actually learned what a paradigm is, because I sure didn't know that one before. I learned about so many biology paradigms like the person who discovered cells, the person who discovered bacteria, the person who discovered photosynthesis and many other things.”
  • “From developing my own experiment model I actually learned a lot about cells.”
  • “If I were to prepare another experiment the things I would do differently would be: I would make sure I had enough time, I would use more useful information and I would prepare my pitch better.”

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