It's a "YES"

Apprenticeships secured!!

These two Eagles have received a “YES” to their “top choice” apprenticeships! 
For the past few weeks, our Heroes have been working on narrowing down a list of possible apprenticeships they’d like to experience. Finding that right apprenticeship which might spark into a future career involves email pitches and critiques, phone pitches with more critiques, and practicing those phone conversations with a fellow traveler... or two... or three… well, you get the idea.
Apprenticeships are one of the most unique parts of Acton- not only do you get many direct opportunities to explore your potential Calling, but you get to do so starting at 14, 15, and 16 years old!

Here is one reply to a Hero’s email requesting an apprenticeship:

This is awesome! I remember you peaking at everything when we were working on your brother! That is almost exactly what I saw when I was a kid when deciding I wanted to become a dentist.  Of course you can be an apprentice here. I would love to know some details so I can help you learn, we can do an appointment via phone call whenever is best for you, if weekends are better, we can do that, during the day may be more difficult if your in school and I am with patients, but I can carve out some time whenever is best for you. Let me know. hope to hear from you soon. 
Dr. Miller

What do you think will be more challenging- finding an Apprenticeship or actually going through with it? The answers and reasons varied from each Hero.

With this new acceptance of apprenticeship, the studio is alive with excitement and anticipation for the other travelers in receiving an answer to their desired apprenticeship emails.

Congratulations to these two Heroes!

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