Innovation Eagles spent five weeks creating a product and then learning to sell that product that they created to complete strangers. They followed the path real entrepreneurs take as they launch and grow their businesses—first struggling to sell a single product as they search for a deep customer need they can meet, then building their personal selling skills as they increase revenue one sale at a time, and finally to building, executing, and re-calibrating a sales process—all while overcoming the internal head trash that threatens to sabotage their success.
The Eagles focused on preparing for either a sandwich-making business or for their business idea. Each week, Eagles also had the opportunity to participate in a special outing or event, with the final event being the Kingwood Farmers Market to sell their items.

Today was the day each entrepreneur stood in the hot box and delivered a 3-minute pitch of a business/idea they created during this quest to complete strangers...Sharks. (There were supposed to be more, but due to COVID, and technical difficulties, we had 1 Shark, and her feedback was very informative and appreciated by the Eagles)

These Eagles worked hard on their fears of speaking, selling, talking to others, possibly failing at something, and more. They worked hard, put in many long hours outside of school, and video recorded themselves to watch and critique so they could be successful in this quest.

That’s what the Acton philosophy is about. Working hard, getting out of your comfort zone, and allowing yourself to possibly fail at something because you know you will learn something new from your failures.

And that’s what they did! They can do hard things.

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