Slaying a Dragon - Fearlessness

December 8, 2020

What’s holding me back? What am I afraid of? These are a few questions we discussed in Innovation Studio this past week. We spent several days watching and listening to a powerful lecture about “Slaying the Dragon Within Us” followed by discussions and reflection questions.

Two questions that really challenged the Eagles were these:
  1. Do you invite more dragons into your life, or do others place them in your life?
  2. What most causes you to allow dragons to stay?
    • Fear, that the dragon will consume you;
    • Hope, that the dragon will go away on its own;
    • Denial, that the dragon even exists; or
    • Something else?

We learned that recognition of the dragon is essential because it means you are ready to fight it. Some of the “dragons” the Eagles recognized as their dragons were laziness, hating change, and biting their nails. 

We discussed why dragons are dangerous, and then discovered tools to use against dragons. 

After several days of focusing on these “dragons,” they were then asked some deep thinking reflection questions. Your Eagle can share these questions and their answers with you on Journey Tracker.

The things learned here, at Acton Academy, are not taught at regular schools. We are learning life-long skills that will and can be used everyday in many different types of situations. In addition to the academics that would be found at other schools, Acton Academy also focuses on the whole person.

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