Why Parents Matter So Much

Parents, you matter so much!  We have observed that the most important ingredient to a child’s success at our school has nothing to do with our school! The most important ingredient in shaping a hero’s beliefs, values, character, habits, and actions is their home!  

The more time you spend with your hero discussing their passions and taking an interest in their lives, reading and learning with them and being an example of a hero on your own hero’s journey by setting and achieving your own goals and working hard on your own personal passions, the more likely your child is to be successful not just at school, but at life.  

Parents like you, who inspire, motivate, encourage, equip, praise, reflect, and make home a loving and nurturing place, have an incredible impact on their heroes at school.  That is why we want parents to be involved at every step of the way in their learning journey at Acton Academy Kingwood—and not just for them, but for you! You still have important work to do and important things to accomplish in your own lives, and we want you to embark on your own hero’s journey and transform and change alongside them. 

One opportunity to celebrate with your child and take an interest in their learning comes at the end of each session when you are invited to attend their exhibition of learning so that they can present to you the work they have accomplished and the things they have done that session.  Then, the day after the exhibition, you get the chance to reflect with your hero again and review the goals that they set for the next session. And you can even share your own goals with them so that they see your progress on your own hero’s journey.  We call this a journey meeting. 

For heroes eight years older, they go through this process using a Journey Meeting Form, but for younger heroes, parents should do this process more informally, asking thoughtful questions (feel free to glean questions from the Journey Meeting Form) helping them to set and track one or maybe two goals for the upcoming session at home.  

As you show interest in their learning and seek to motivate and inspire them, we know your hero’s will be so successful on their journey!

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