Discovery Exhibition Week Nov 16-20

The Discovery heroes had a great week preparing for the exhibition that they planned the week before. They decided they wante...

Stone Soup is for Sharing

To celebrate our Thanksgiving season, our Acton Academy Cultural Specialists decided to encourage each learner in the school...

Entrepreneurship and the Farmers Market

The time had come! They’d been preparing for this for weeks. Our Eagles had taken time to get a deep understanding of their c...


Innovation Eagles spent five weeks creating a product and then learning to sell that product that they created to complete st...

Investigation - Nov 17, 2020

Each hero gets a turn choosing what to do for PE. This is what happens when the hero in charge happens to love  cheerleading!!

Discovery Nov 2 - Nov 13

Discovery Studio has been working hard over the last two weeks. They created some rules of engagement for circle time after I...

Investigation: Session 2 Week 3

We are in our E-ship Quest, and had a great time learning about hiring people, using assembly lines, deciding whether it's be...

Investigation Nov 10, 2020

Fun Fall art - making Fall trees out of toilet paper rolls and actual leaves and twigs from outside!

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